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The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA)
Stafford park 7
Telford TF3 3BQ
United Kingdom

Year Founded: 2012
Key Personnel: Communications Manager: Jo Jackson
Phone: 44-1952-290-905

The Lighting Industry Association (the LIA)


We are Europe’s largest Lighting Trade Association with a mission to promote lighting excellence throughout the Sector and in every area of the lighting industry. From design and manufacture to wholesale and retail, we help our members with legislation, compliance, testing, recycling and staff development.

We are a globally recognised authority on all thing lighting, our agenda is driven by Members for the benefit of Members. We promote best practice throughout the lighting sector and provide technical, policy, performance, recycling and marketing capability for our Members.

LIA Members gain preferential access to a range of services including:

The LIA Laboratory
Europe’s largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting. We can help you with testing and certification, improving product performance, efficiencies (in manufacturing and logistics), overcoming market constraints and reducing risk.

The Lighting Industry Academy
The industry’s first professional Academy. Through our unique collaboration of industry bodies and provider partners we are developing the Lighting Community for a Bright and Exciting Future.

Lighting industry professionals and students can develop their careers through the skills and knowledge provided by the Academy’s learning programme.

The Lighting Industry Academy offers the power of understanding and education to enable all sections of the lighting community to exploit the potential of these exciting developments. We offer the wid... View Product
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We are proud to represent our Members who are drawn from every area of the lighting industry, from designers and manufacturers, to wholesalers and retailers, facilities management to buyers and specif... View Product
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The LIA Laboratory is Europe's largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting.The LIA Laboratory services goes beyond the usual. We can offer you application engineering and luminaire perfo... View Product
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