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Lighting Industry Association
Stafford Park 7
Shropshire TF3 3BQ
United Kingdom

Phone: 44-1952-290-905

Lumenpulse Alphaled Ltd become LIA Quality Assurance Accredited for Commercial Luminaires

The Lighting Industry Association (LIA) are proud to announce that their member Lumenpulse Alphaled Ltd are LIA Quality Assurance (LIAQA) Accredited for Commercial Luminaires.

Based in Manchester, UK, Alphaled Ltd was established over 25 years ago and acquired in July 2014 by Lumenpulse. Lumenalpha became the first LED manufacturer to offer a five-year warranty, guaranteeing both the quantity and quality of light over a five year period.

Their insistence on quality, their flexibility and proven track record sets them apart from the crowd in the LED lighting market.

The LIA offers their members an industry specific quality assurance solution which is designed to operate as a robust standalone quality solution, or as a scheme working in conjunction with ISO9001.

LIAQA address all lighting related products across the industry and ascertain whether a member is complying with the expected standard for membership and support them in achieving compliance.

This is achieved via a modular approach whereby each separate module addresses the particular safety, performance and legislative requirements relevant to that product type.

As LIA Quality Assurance (LIAQA) Accredited for Commercial Luminaires, Lumenpulse Alphaled Ltd demonstrated that their commercial luminaire range meet the requirements of EU legislation and CE compliance.

Members that satisfy the requirement of LIAQA will receive a certificate and will be shown as LIAQA compliant on the LIA website.

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