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Upgrade industrial premises to LED on a budget

With the Government continuously seeking to improve energy efficiency, the objective for many companies is to reach targets without exceeding budgets and locating reliable products that will provide the required return on investment.

Affordable, energy-saving LED lighting in industrial and commercial premises is now within easy reach of most building owners and users.

“There are several LED light fittings that can replace existing halogens on a one-for-one basis, so there’s usually no need for a costly rewire, providing the wiring is still in good condition,” says Warwick Webber, Managing Director of Aurora in South Africa, “and electrical work can be phased as budget and operations permit.” 

Through energy savings of 50%, a typical LED upgrade normally pays for itself in two years enabling users to benefit from superior lighting.


A Typical Scenario

Across South Africa there are thousands of units on industrial estates where an LED solution could make a large contribution to the nation’s energy saving targets. Here’s a typical scenario of an existing 2000-3000m2 (20-30,000 sq. ft. approx.) industrial warehouse with offices.

The ground floor is used for 50/50 production and finished goods storage. This main area is lit by HID low bay fittings. There’s a mezzanine, used for storage of components and general items, and a single storey office area with a flat roof.


Cost Effective Solutions

For main production areas, Enlite’s AriahTM 110lm/W LED highbays, designed for all environments, are extremely cost effective. This range provides up to 22,000 Lumens to L70 50,000 hours, offers outstanding 50% energy saving compared with HID technology and even more when combined with dimming or using daylight/ occupancy sensors. A controls system also leads to significantly reduced maintenance.

Under and above the mezzanine, Enlite’s EcoT8TM single and twin slim line LED batten fittings mimic the look of traditional T8 and T5 fluorescents. Available in single or twin options with a reflector, they are maintenance free and provide uniform, low glare light output.

Simple, elegant and versatile and an ideal retrofit solution for T8 fluorescent tubes, Enlite’s EnPacTM IP20 high output LED batten adds a touch of class to office accommodation. 

Vandal and impact resistant due to its tough IK10 polycarbonate body, Enlite’s Orbital™ IP66 bulkhead range is a great choice for service facilities.


A Worthwhile Investment

“Any major investment can be daunting, but when considering the returns achieved with LED, the reality is that the long-term benefits and savings far outweigh short-term costs,” says Webber. “In recent years, there have been significant advances in LED technology and it is becoming increasingly affordable with a wide range of designs that easily replace older, traditional fittings. In fact, there’s never been a better time to transition to LED!”

For more information call +27 (0) 11 234 4878 or visit


Comparable wattage consumption of traditional fittings and that when replaced by LED products on a one-for-one basis


Existing Installation (Sample)

Proposed LED Installation (Sample)


12 No. x Lowbay 250W Metal Halide


12 No. x Ariah Highbay 150W LED


Under Mezz.

30 No. x 5ft Twin 58W Batten


30 No. x Enlite EcoT8 Twin Batten 44W LED


Over Mezz.

20 No. x 5ft Twin 58W Batten


20 No. x Enlite EcoT8 Twin Batten 44W LED



12 No. x 5ft Twin Batten & Diffuser


12 No. x Enlite EnPac  45W LED Fitting



4 No. x 28W 2D Bulkhead


4 No. x Enlite Orbital 15Wt LED Bulkhead



4 No. x 28W 2D Bulkhead


4 No. x Enlite Orbital 15W LED Bulkhead





NB Table provides a simple overview of potential energy savings achievable. All projects require specific design/calculation for optimum solution